Every emotion is a movement.” -William James

Q. Do I need to bring a mat?

A. Please bring your own mat. I recommend:

Yoga / Pilates mat Boinx Premium Printed Yoga Mats, 6mm, larger, non-slip / Click here to buy on Amazon

Q. What should I wear?

A.Comfortable clothing you can move in. If possible nothing to “baggy” so that I can see the alignment of your body. Socks and a warm sweater so you won’t get cold during relaxation.

Q. Can I just turn up on the night?

A. All courses must be booked and paid for in advance. I have to see you first to assess what level is suitable and if you have any physical problems that need taking into consideration.

Q. Are missed sessions refundable?

A. On the mat classes, you can catch up by doing another class at your level within the six week block. If there is room (maximum 12 people in class). Private lessons require 24 hours notice of cancellation, otherwise the full fee is payable.

Q. Is it easy to park?

A. St Mary’s Hall Climping and The Youth and Community Centre Arundel, both have their own car-parks.

Q. Why do I have to attend a workshop or have 2 private lessons before I join a class?

A. I asked a new client who had just done 2 private lessons to answer this, she said: “In an exercise class you just have to follow, but with Pilates you have to think how you are performing each exercise. It’s de-mystified everything and has given me a kind of route map to my body. If I hadn’t done this, I think I would have spent the first six months being totally baffled.”

Q. I haven’t exercised for ages and I’m over 50, will I be the odd one out amongst all the “lycra lovelies”?

A. The average age of my clients is between 35 and 55. However, some people in your class may be teenagers or in their 80’s. In my classes age, size, shape, sex is totally irrelevant. I put people in the right class for their abilities. I try to make my classes fun, non-competitive and effective. I’m very happy for anyone to come and observe a class so you can judge for yourself.